A series of videos in which different artists talk about their practice and their relationship with Factum Arte where they produce many of their work.

Mariana Cook

Factum Arte’s diary: Mariana Cook (artist profile) from factum-arte on Vimeo.

On the morning of the 1st March, during ARCO 2019, the American photographer and artist Mariana Cook presented her new series at a private viewing hosted by Factum Arte: 13 black-and-white images inspired by the fascinating variety of patterns and textures unintentionally thrust upon the tools and objects in use throughout Factum’s workshop, ranging from a painter’s vest, cast salt, and a butcher’s knife.

These works were made while Mariana Cook was in residency in the workshop, where she was infused by the dynamic relationship between people and tools. By isolating functional objects from their context, Cook develops thought-provoking subjects.

The resulting prints were formed through aquatinted copper plates being printed upon 300 gsm Somerset Satin paper with Charbonnel etching ink, producing the deep black in each print. The shape of the object, untouched by the inked plate, was then coated with clear gelatin over which a digital pigment print was precisely registered on Factum Arte’s flatbed printer. A UV resistant varnish was applied to the digitally printed elements in order to enhance the difference between the black of the background and the tonal subtlety of the ‘fetishes’, adding a physical dimension to the images.

Rachid Koraïchi

Factum Arte’s diary: Rachid Koraïchi (artist profile) from factum-arte on Vimeo.

Factum Arte was delighted to collaborate with the Casa Árabe for Rachid Koraïchi’s first exhibition in Spain. Entitled “This Long Journey into Your Gaze” (“Este largo viaje hasta tu mirada” in Spanish), the exhibit presented several series of bronze sculptures, corten artworks, steel and alabaster tablets all produced at Factum’s workshops.

A few weeks before the opening, Factum was filled with 700 water-jet cut calligraphic ‘figures’ seemingly solely composed of gestural Arabic characters that then spread across the Neo-Mudéjar building located at the heart of Madrid as part of the first solo display of Koraïchi’s work in Spain.

“This Long Journey into Your Gaze” was open from the 20th March and ran until 12th May 2019, before moving to the Casa Árabe in Cordoba on June 5th.

Paula Crown

Factum Arte’s diary: Paula Crown (artist profile) from factum-arte on Vimeo.

Jan Hendrix

Factum Arte’s diary: Jan Hendrix (artist profile) from factum-arte on Vimeo.

Adam Fuss

Factum Arte’s diary: Adam Fuss (artist profile) from factum-arte on Vimeo.

Boris Savelev.

Factum Arte’s diary: Boris Savelev (artist profile) from factum-arte on Vimeo.

Boris Savelev (b.1946) is a Ukranian-born Russian photographer famed for his shadowed images of ordinary street scenes and the figures that inhabit them throughout a time of great transition during and following the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union. He can be regarded as one of the most important photographers working in modern-day Russia.

Hailing from the Western city of Chernovitz as part of a great photographic generation alongside figures such as Vyacheslav Tornovetsky and Sergei Lopatiuk, Savelev began in the exclusively-available black & white film and worked with minimal forms as well as dark tones of colour and light to create his starkly realistic view of the streets he walked in his adopted Moscow. Savelev went on to incorporate colour following the invention of colour film in the early 1980’s and now utilises a mixture of digital and analogue forms of photography.

These latest offerings are facilitated by the technology of Factum Arte, with director Adam Lowe first meeting Savelev in 1995 – marking the beginning of a long creative relationship. Savelev’s journey of photographic exploration through printing methods such as gum bichromate, Kallitype, and through pigment transfer has culminated in his exclusive partnership with Factum and Factum’s Head of Printing Rafa Rachewsky. Using the specialist flat-bed printer available in the Madrid workshop, much of Savelev’s modern work is printed on gesso-coated aluminium; a material that complements the deep shadows present in his work as well as the multiple tonal layers involved in their production, with the photographer personally involved in every print himself.

Films by © Óscar Parasiego for Factum Arte